Galgo Español - The Spanish Sighthound

Galgo Español - The Spanish Sighthound Language: English
176 pages (105 coloured)
ISBN 978-3-8423-5996-3 (paperback)
ISBN 978-3-7322-1600-0 (e-book)
Content: Character | Appea­rance | Colours in the Breed | Edu­ca­tion and Deve­lop­ment | The ver­sa­tile Galgo | Gal­gos in Shows | Health and Care | History | Hun­ting with Gal­gos in Spain | Rescue Gal­gos | FCI-Bree­ding in Spain | Gal­gos out­side of Spain
The English trans­la­tion was cor­rec­ted and arranged by Rode­rick Rus­sell-Jones, who is a Briton, living in the South of France for many years now. He has de­cades of ex­pe­rience with sight­hounds, first with Lur­chers back in Eng­land, later with Grey­hounds and Gal­gos, with whom he suc­cess­fully par­tici­pates in shows and sports.

The Galgo Español
Originally bred in its home­land, Spain, for hun­ting hares, the Gal­go Español has found his way into the rest of the world. One reason surely is that the breed is also suited as a pleasant com­panion and a fami­ly dog.
Galgos show the typical cha­rac­teris­tics of sight­hounds. At home, they behave rela­tive­ly calm and un­obtru­sive as they save their energy and their Spanish fire for the out­side walks. They are very affec­tio­nate with their master and their family. Galgos are gentle and sen­si­tive with chil­dren and get along easi­ly with other dogs and even with cats, when they have got used to them.
Gal­gos are not stupid and in con­trast to the gene­ral­ly held opinion that sight­hounds are not obe­dient, they are rela­tive­ly easy to edu­cate and are wil­ling to learn all the most impor­tant com­mands. Once you have got a Galgo as a com­panion, you will never want to be with­out him again.

"Congratulations on an excel­lent book!"
"I really enjoyed rea­ding the Eng­lish book and especial­ly the chap­ter on "Appea­rance". That chap­ter should be a must for any­one who wants to judge the Galgo Español."
"We've just adop­ted a 2 yr old Galgo Espa­nol & though ex­pen­sive, this book has given us a great deal of in­sight & in­forma­tion about a wonder­ful breed of dog, often abused & dis­car­ded in it's native land."
"This book (which I read in one sitting the day it arrived) has been very helpful and interesting. It has reinforced other information I read and is also true to my experience, so far, of living with my lovely hound."
"Very helpful book."
"Sehr empfehlenswert!"

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